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Halloween 2021

Our development is following the guidelines established by the city of Morgantown.

Trick-or-treat will be held from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Sunday, Oct 31st.

To promote safety we ask that you do not drive within the neighborhood during trick-or-treating.

If you do not wish to participate simply leave your lights off.

Annual Meeting

The IVPOA Annual Meeting was held in February 2020. New officers were elected.  The current board is Mike Kinney and Tim Hagedorn, with secretary Brian Kurcaba.

Happy New Year from the Board!

It’s that time of year for the snowplow to make regular visits to our neighborhood.  If anyone is concerned the snowplow could damage your newly installed curbing and/or lawns, please mark the edge of your property with reflector poles that you can purchase at Lowes.  We cannot afford to replace curbing.  He will do the best he can to avoid damage to curbing and lawns but sometimes it is difficult to accurate judge. This will avoid any problems when the plow comes through. Please avoid parking on the street particularly when snow is expected.

Imperial View Repaving

PavingThe development is currently being repaved (except for Jester Court which is in good condition). The repaving started on Monday, June 15th and will be worked on daily, weather permitting. The work is being done by Parrotta Paving.

If any homeowner would like to get their driveway done by Parrotta while they are paving the neighborhood, give them a call at (304) 292-0905 to schedule an estimate.

This project is to include curbing, 11 speed humps and a tack coat! The tack coat will help the old asphalt adhere to the new asphalt.

This is a sticky black tar coat which you do not want to walk or drive upon! This can track on concrete surfaces before application of the new asphalt! The tack coat will be applied in sections during the paving project. This may inconvenience home owners during the installation and require some shuffling of vehicles and creative off-street parking. Parrotta Paving and IVPOA will not be held responsible for any black marks tracked on concrete from driving through this tack coat.

Parrotta will be milling 4 feet in on both sides, applying the tack coat, and then 2″ of new black top. They will also be replacing the curbing, making sure water is directed properly, and addressing some known drainage issues.

The tack coat and black top application starts soon! There is no on-street parking during paving. Please park in your driveway (or grass if everyone cannot fit).

All homeowners need to be diligent and patient during this resurfacing project. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a board member.

Any new information about the paving project will be added to this post.

Welcome to IVPOA

Welcome to the new IVPOA website. This site is still under development, but we felt there is enough content to launch. Feel free to explore the menus above for helpful information about the Imperial View neighborhood.

IVPOA Arial View

Imperial View, when not covered in snow