There appears to be some confusion within our neighborhood regarding parking of vehicles. It is our job as board members to reinforce the covenants and restrictions as written. It is not our job to police the neighborhood.  There have been several complaints in the past few months which have led us to take action in addressing the situation. We are attempting to simply assure that as Association members we adhere to the Covenants and Restrictions that each of us signed when we purchased our homes in this development.

Article DD in the  Covenants and Restrictions reads:

Each lot shall have sufficient off street parking to service the dwelling. Except as permitted by the Association, there shall be no parking in or along the streets in the Subdivision, on lawns or sidewalks.

With that in mind  please refer to the following

  1. If there is room in the driveway or garage, cars should be in the driveway or garage and not in the street or on lawns.  All homes in Imperial View have driveway and garage capacity for a minimum of 4 and an average of 6 vehicles.
  2. Street parking is necessary but within reason.  Guests, delivery vehicles and contractors will park in the street and generally it is hard to control with regard to everyone who comes to visit. However, contractors, regular service providers, family and guests who come to the house on a regular basis can and should be directed to park in the driveway rather than in the street.
  3. Residential occupancy entails periodic gatherings and events at a home.  All homes will periodically require on-street parking for such purposes and during holidays, many homes will.  Holiday events do not fall within the policy so long as the roads remain passable, visibility and traffic signs are not unreasonably obstructed and every owner has clear access to their driveway.
  4. Abandoned and non-operational vehicles are never permitted on the street or in one’s yard.
  5. All vehicles should be removed from the street before snow or ice  is predicted and should remain off the street when snow or ice is present.  Pulling out of the driveway and onto the street because it is going to snow is never acceptable.
  6. The board will periodically require on-street parking for its meetings.  All residents may request approval for on-street parking for good/reasonable cause.  The rules are not inflexible.  However, the rules are imposed for legitimate purposes with the objective being to assure that people park in garages and driveways when they can so that  no one is using the shared roads as a private regular parking area.  A choice  to have more cars than driveway stalls includes a decision that the residents will have to move them in and out of the driveway and does not entitle one to park in the street to avoid the inconvenience resulting from the purchase of multiple cars.