Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I get a copy of the by-laws and restrictions?
    IVPOA Governing Documents
  2. I don’t think the road are getting plowed fast enough, quick enough, or soon enough. Who do I contact about snow removal?
    Contact the Maintenance Committee or the Board Members.
  3. Who are the Board Members?
    Board Members
  4. How do I find out about Imperial View news and meetings?
    You can check the Meetings and Events page.
  5. Who do I contact about dues?
  6. How much are my dues?
    $125.00 per quarter (total of $500 per year).
  7. Where do I mail my dues payments?
    1756 Mileground Rd
    Suite A
    Morgantown, WV 26505

  8. What do my dues pay for?
  9. How can I become involved in committees or the board?
    Express your interest at a meeting or call a board member. We welcome your assistance and involvement!
  10. What is the speed limit in the neighborhood?
    The speed limit is 25 MPH. Please respect this as we pride ourselves on being a very child friendly neighborhood.
  11. What else can I have parked or stored in my driveway or side yard besides my vehicles?
    Nothing. No RVs, campers, buses, storage trucks, trailers, hitches, etc. may be parked or stored. If these things cannot be kept in your garage they may not be left in your driveway or side yard. Exceptions may be granted for short periods of time such as a weekend.
  12. When and where does my child catch the school bus?
    Bus Route
  13. Can these bus stops be changed?
  14. Does my dog have to be on a leash?
    Your dog must be under your control at all times when on your property and out in the neighborhood. If you have an “invisible” fence or other type of fence you do not need to have your dog on a leash.
  15. Do I need to clean up after my pet (dog/cat) outside of my property?
  16. I am having an issue with a neighbor. Who do I contact?
    If it is a legal matter, contact the police by calling 911. The next solution is to contact your neighbor and discuss the issue with them. A lot of time people are not aware that they are doing something to disturb you, and once they are aware of it they will typically try to work toward a solution. If all else fails please contact a board member.
  17. I want to build an addition/playground/fence/etc., on my property? What must be done?
    You need to submit plans, blueprints, diagram, sketch on a napkin, etc. to the Building Committee prior to construction.
  18. Am I allowed to have a swing set?
    Yes. You must have it approved by the Building Committee prior to construction because there are specific restrictions that have to be met.
  19. Am I allowed to have an in-ground pool?
    Yes. You must have it approved by the Building Committee prior to construction because there are specific restrictions that have to be met.
  20. Am I allowed to have an above-ground pool?
    No, with the exception of temporary small baby pools.
  21. Why don’t we have a gate?
    Like all neighborhoods, Imperial View occasionally suffers from vandalism and crimes of opportunity. Some residents have recommended a gate. A gate would have a significant installation cost that would be passed on to all residents, and ongoing maintenance and insurance costs that would have to be added to our quarterly dues. A homeowner would have to volunteer to be the access manager and emergency contact for the gate. School buses typically do not enter gated communities for pick-up, so we could lose our pick-up locations within the neighborhood. We do not own the lower portion of the road, and when a security company was asked a few years ago to assess the feasibility of installing a gate going up the hill, they recommended against it. Finally, it is not clear that a gate would prevent the types of issues we are typically seeing. Based on this, the Board does not believe that pursuing the installation of a gate is the most cost-effective way to address these concerns. The Board encourages homeowners to secure their property and watch over their neighbors.